Model force, production security style figures-Wei Fengsong, Zhang Yingbin



There is such a group of people who are self-disciplined, humble, dedicated to their jobs; they forge ahead and work hard; they are dedicated to their duties and dedication. They are models of loyalty to their duties, models of self-sacrifice and dedication, and models for us to learn from!

Today, let's get to know Wei Fengsong and Zhang Yingbin of the technical research and development department of the production guarantee figures in this period. Let's draw strength from their elegant demeanour and inherit the spirit of example!



Comrade Wei Fengsong entered Lianqiang Roll in June 2002 and has 22 years of experience in casting process management. He is now the chief of the process section of Lianqiang Roll Technology Research and Development Department, responsible for the management of casting process technology.



Comrade Wei Fengsong has a cheerful and optimistic personality and a positive working attitude, which is highly praised by leaders and colleagues. He is honest and trustworthy and always does his job with due diligence. At the critical moment of increasing shifts and expanding production in the company's casting branch this year, with the addition of a large number of new workers, in order to ensure the effective implementation of product quality and casting process standardization, Comrade Wei Fengsong took the initiative to increase working hours, went deep into the production line day and night, followed up and supervised and guided the implementation of the double shift process. Even during the night shift at the foundry, he maintained a high degree of professionalism and professionalism, working overtime to make process cards and preparing for new product trials. His dedication and persistence have made significant contributions to the steady development of the company, showing his professionalism and sense of responsibility, which is worth learning from all Lianqiang personnel.




Comrade Zhang Yingbin entered Lianqiang Roll in June 2011 and has 13 years of experience in casting molding technology. He is currently the chief molding process officer of Lianqiang Roll Casting Branch and is responsible for the production management of molding process in the casting branch.



Comrade Zhang Yingbin has a steady and steady character and a serious and responsible work attitude. After years of hard study and accumulation of practical experience, Comrade Zhang Yingbin's modeling operation technology has reached a very solid and rich level, and has become an indispensable backbone of the company's foundry branch. In the important work of expanding production scale and increasing shifts in the company's foundry branch this year, the addition of many new employees has injected new vitality into Lianqiang. However, because most new employees are relatively unfamiliar with the modeling process, it is difficult to quickly form effective productivity. Faced with this challenge, Comrade Zhang Yingbin, as the person in charge of the modeling process, patiently and meticulously guided new employees to be familiar with the operation essentials with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism. He not only taught by example, but also set an example, taking the initiative to work overtime until late at night to ensure the smooth completion of production tasks. Comrade Zhang Yingbin's selfless dedication and professionalism have made significant contributions to the development and growth of the company and the foundry branch, and fully demonstrated his responsibility and role model. He is a model for all Lianqiang people and a good example for everyone to learn!