Inheritance of ingenuity and fruitful results A good master brings out a good apprentice



The real strength of an enterprise is not only dependent on a single excellent individual, but also needs the strength of the whole team. To achieve long-term and sustainable development, it is far from enough to rely on the support of a few skilled talents. Enterprises need to build a professional team composed of many skilled talents, and ensure that the knowledge and experience between master and apprentice can be effectively passed on. Only in this way can the enterprise form a unique competitive advantage in the fierce market competition, so as to ensure the steady and sustainable development power.

In this year's Lianqiang Roll Foundry, a large number of good masters and disciples represented by Li Qibin, Qi Dawu and Zhao Junliang and Hao Gang have emerged. As good masters, Comrade Li Qibin and Comrade Zhao Junliang are not only diligent and dedicated in their respective jobs, but also play an exemplary role in the inheritance of master and apprentice, becoming a beautiful landscape in the work of increasing shifts and expanding production in Lianqiang Roll Foundry.



As the chief of the smelting process in the foundry branch, Comrade Li Qibin has long been the technical backbone of the company's foundry branch. With rich and solid smelting work experience, he unreservedly imparted his skills to his apprentice Qi Dawu. As an apprentice, Comrade Qi Dawu studied modestly and diligently, and soon mastered the essence of the smelting process. The master and apprentice went hand in hand and contributed a positive force to the work of increasing classes and expanding production in the foundry branch.



As a centrifugal process expert with more than 30 years of experience, Comrade Zhao Junliang not only has superb centrifugal production technology, but also is the backbone of the foundry. His rigorous working attitude and superb technical level have won wide respect from his colleagues. In this work of increasing shifts and expanding production, under the careful guidance of Master Zhao Junliang, Comrade Hao Gang, as an apprentice, combined with his own efforts, is gradually growing into a skilled production expert and gradually becoming a new force in the foundry branch.



The advanced deeds of these good masters and disciples not only witnessed the power of inheritance, but also injected a strong impetus into the company's foundry branch to increase classes and expand production. They use their own practical actions to interpret the profound connotation of the inheritance of master and apprentice, show the elegant demeanor of the staff of Lianqiang roll casting branch, and contribute their own strength to the prosperity and development of the company.