[Reprint] Zhang Shuping went to Liucheng Economic Development Zone in Chaoyang County to investigate and guide the construction of the project.



On December 22, Zhang Shuping, secretary of the municipal party committee, went to Liucheng Economic Development Zone in Chaoyang County to investigate and guide the construction of the project. City leaders Wang Likun and Lao Yan Wu attended.



Zhang Shuping first came to the CLP International Global Comprehensive Smart Energy Application Demonstration Project Management and Control Center to learn more about the construction of the project. When she learned that the project was the first batch of pilot projects of the National Energy Administration, she emphasized that it is necessary to focus on green and low-carbon circular development and adhere to Problem-oriented, full-process exploration and innovation, and effective demonstration and leading role. Chaoyang Parkson Jinshan Titanium Industry is the first domestic and intelligent titanium production base in the country. Zhang Shuping inspected the digital transformation project of the enterprise on the spot. She stressed that it is necessary to give full play to the leading role of the leading enterprises, strengthen the localization of the industrial chain, continuously extend the industrial chain, and enhance the added value of the project. At the site of the 5G Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing Plant project of Tianyi Machinery Company, Zhang Shuping affirmed that enterprises have the courage to emancipate their minds and actively embrace the digital economy. She said that it is necessary to adhere to digital empowerment and intelligent manufacturing, strengthen the management and application of data resources, and closely integrate with production, sales, and operation management, so that technology can truly serve enterprises and effectively empower enterprises to increase efficiency.



In Chaoyang Liucheng Economic Development Zone, Zhang Shuping successively investigated the new material project of Lianqiang Roll Co., Ltd., the 5D intelligent manufacturing valley project of Younis Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the intelligent home industrial park project of Hualin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. She emphasized that it is necessary to increase innovation, accelerate the pace of digital economy development, stimulate the vitality of enterprises, vigorously promote industrial digitization and digital industrialization, and empower the real economy. At the construction sites of Liaoning Hengtong Intelligent Security Project, Jilin Yilong Forest Products Deep Processing Project and Beijing Jingao Intelligent Energy Component Base Project, Zhang Shuping stressed that it is necessary to improve the investment intensity, speed up the construction progress of the project, strengthen the service guarantee, and ensure the early landing, early production and early results of the project.



Zhang Shuping emphasized in the survey that the development zone is the main battlefield of the city's economic construction and the main position of reform and opening up. It must be complete, accurate, and implement the new development concept, firmly determine high-quality development, and support high-quality development with a high-quality project group with a sense of the times. Green and low-carbon requirements should be reflected in the development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and the thickness of green industries should be enhanced. It is necessary to scientifically plan and reserve projects, and do everything possible to introduce a number of high-quality projects. It is necessary to scientifically and orderly promote carbon neutrality, resolutely implement energy consumption "double control" measures, and strictly control the "two highs" projects. We should make every effort to develop the digital economy, speed up digital empowerment, promote more enterprises to "use the cloud to use digital wisdom", promote the integration and development of the digital economy and the real economy, and accelerate the cultivation of high-quality project groups with a sense of the times.