Leaders of Chaoyang Municipal Committee and Liucheng Economic Development Zone visited Chaoyang Lianqiang for investigation and investigation.



On December 13, 2021, at 12 noon, Duan Hongbing, deputy secretary-general of the Chaoyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and director of the Political Research Office, and the leaders of the municipal party committee, accompanied by the leaders of the Liucheng Economic Development Zone, Deputy Director Ling Yunzhi, Deputy Director Li Baiwen of the Planning Bureau and other development zone leaders, visited Chaoyang Lianqiang Roll Co., Ltd. to investigate the construction and operation of the project.



Accompanied by Li Huaquan, deputy general manager of Chaoyang Lianqiang operation, and Liu Zongqin, deputy general manager of administration, Duan Hongbing and his party went to the factory leaders to go deep into Chaoyang Lianqiang processing branch to conduct on-the-spot investigation and investigation on the first-line production work of Lianqiang company.



During the inspection, Li Huachen, deputy general manager, and Liu Zongqin, deputy general manager, made detailed reports to Duan Hongbing, deputy secretary general, and factory leaders from the aspects of Chaoyang Lianqiang project construction, production scale, operation, product strength, etc.



After on-the-spot investigation and listening to the report, the leaders of the factory fully affirmed Chaoyang Lianqiang, and gave a number of opinions and suggestions on the second phase of Chaoyang Lianqiang project and future production and operation. At the same time, Chaoyang Lianqiang is urged to continue to speed up the construction of the project and achieve the goal of reaching production as soon as possible, so as to better promote the rapid economic development of Chaoyang City.