[Keep the First Heart, Smile, Meet the Sharpening of the Negative Mission and Strive for Strength] 2023 Annual Summary Recognition and 2024 Annual Mobilization Conference



On January 22, 2024, the 2023 annual summary commendation and 2024 mobilization meeting of lianqiang roll [keeping the initial heart, smiling, meeting the sharpening of the negative mission and striving for strength] was held in lianqiang roll conference room. sun jianxun, general manager of lianqiang roll, Wang limin, deputy general manager of production and operation, cai xiuying, deputy general manager of finance, and 90 employee representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liu Zongqin, deputy general manager of Lianqiang Roll Company.

On the first agenda of the conference, General Manager Comrade Sun Jianxun will make a summary of the 2023 work of Lianqiang Roller and a 2024 work mobilization speech. General Manager Sun Jianxun, on behalf of Chairman Zhang Zheng and the company's leadership, will first extend sincere greetings and high respect to all cadres and workers who have worked hard for a year!

Subsequently, General Manager Sun Jianxun made a detailed report and summary to the participating cadres and employee representatives on the completion of the company's production and operation targets in 2023, the development of key work in 2023, the deficiencies at this stage and the key work arrangements in 2024:

In 2023, Lianqiang experienced unprecedented challenges. The world economic situation is complex and changeable, and the downward pressure on the domestic economy continues to increase. The steel industry is also suffering from an unprecedented impact due to weak demand and oversupply. As the joint strength of the steel downstream industry, it is inevitably involved in this storm. However, under the hard work of all cadres and workers, Lianqiang withstood the impact of the post-epidemic economic downturn, withstood the pain of relocation to the recovery of productivity, and also withstood the attenuation of orders brought about by the deep adjustment of the steel industry, and achieved a key victory in the key year in the stable production and operation work! The steady growth of various production and operation indicators and the orderly development of digital lean production, sales system expansion, product structure adjustment, high-end technology platform building, talent construction project, second-phase project promotion and supporting facilities upgrade, marking Lianqiang has been greatly improved in terms of brand influence, production operation efficiency, supporting capabilities, and management level!

Finally, General Manager Sun Jianxun said that 2024 is a key year for Lianqiang to move towards glory! This year, we will not only expand the market territory and increase product output, but also realize the production transformation of green high-end digitalization. Faced with such an important task, every employee needs to stick to his first heart, unite and meet the challenges. Let us work together, under the guidance of the company, to overcome the haze of the market, with a more high-spirited attitude towards "to create a customer-oriented, future-oriented, world-oriented high-end green digital new manufacturing benchmark!" Target forward!

In 2023, all the cadres and employees of our company worked together to meet the challenges and achieved certain results. A group of units and individuals with outstanding achievements, outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions emerged. They are conscientious and dedicated, they are determined to innovate, they are eager to be the first, they devote themselves to technological innovation, and they actively make suggestions and suggestions. They have made outstanding achievements in production and operation and enterprise management, and some outstanding collectives and individuals have emerged. They have made a positive contribution to the development of the company.

In order to commend the advanced and encourage the fighting spirit, the company decided to commend the selected advanced units and individuals. In 2023, a total of 2 advanced collectives, 3 advanced departments and teams, 4 special contribution awards, 8 model workers, 23 advanced workers, 1 special prize for technological innovation and 2 first prizes were selected.

Vice President Wang Limin read out the Decision on Commending Advanced Collectives, Special Contributions, Advanced Individuals and Technological Innovation in 2023

Vice President Cai Xiuying read out "2023 Award List of Advanced Units, Special Contributions, Advanced Individuals and Technological Innovation"

General Manager Sun Jianxun presented awards to representatives of advanced collectives

Vice President Wang Limin presented awards to representatives of advanced teams (departments)

General Manager Sun Jianxun presented the award to the representative of the Special Contribution Award.

Vice President Wang Limin presented awards to model workers

Vice President Cai Xiuying presented the special prize and first prize for technological innovation.

Representatives of the commended advanced collectives, advanced teams (departments), special contribution awards, model workers and technological innovation awards came to the stage one by one, and the company leaders presented awards to the commended personnel.

Finally, in the touching and passionate speeches of advanced collective representatives, advanced team representatives and model workers, the 2023 annual summary commendation and 2024-degree mobilization conference [keeping the beginning, smiling, welcoming, sharpening the negative mission and striving for strength] came to a successful conclusion.

Comrade Yang Fucheng, the representative of the advanced collective-Minister of the Ministry of Equipment and Information Technology, made a speech. The topic of his speech was "Keeping in mind the mission, pioneering and innovating."

Comrade Wang Honglin, the representative of the advanced team and the director of the foundry production of the foundry branch, made a speech. The topic of his speech was "Unity, cohesion, overcoming difficulties, and striving for the first".

Comrade Xiao Zhixin, the representative of model workers and the business manager of the sales department, made a speech. The topic of his speech was "Facing difficulties, innovating patterns, strengthening strength, and standing firm."

Vientian update, create a better future! The door of 2024 has been opened. In the new year, Lianqiang Roll will be based on lofty, continue to be customer-oriented and future-oriented technical thinking, stand at the forefront of the times, bravely expand a new journey, give full play to its core advantages, and continue to promote Digital transformation and technological research and development innovation, and strive to embrace a better future with better equipment strength, product quality and customer service!