Warmly celebrate the completion and successful launch of Lianqiang Roll MES Project (Phase I Project)!



On December 15, 2023, Lianqiang roller successfully held the completion and launch ceremony of the first phase of MES project in Chaoyang production base.

Since the strategic relocation of Lianqiang Roll, General Manager Mr. Sun Jianxun has pioneered the idea of "creating a new benchmark for high-end green digital manufacturing that is customer-oriented, future-oriented and world-oriented!" As the development vision of Lianqiang roll; It will realize equipment mechanization, equipment automation, manufacturing informatization and operation digitalization as the upgrading policy of Lianqiang roll to realize digital transformation in four steps. Committed to the research and development of core technology, upgrading the traditional production equipment as the company's strategic goal in the next three years.

Lianqiang Roll Digital Factory Exhibition Center

Now, after more than seven months of continuous design and polishing, the first phase of the Lianqiang roll MES project has finally been completed and put on line! At the same time, it also means that since then, Lianqiang roll will officially enter the ranks of digital factories.

production information management terminal

Thanks to the MES system completed and put on line in the first phase, Lianqiang roller has been able to realize the functions of order management, product process management, inspection data query, pre-furnace composition adjustment, production process data query, raw material warehouse management, tooling warehouse management, personnel information management, automatic heat treatment control, automatic forming of processing procedures, etc. The above digital management functions will greatly enhance the production efficiency and production management capabilities of Lianqiang, and promote the realization of process optimization, data-driven decision-making, collaborative communication and information sharing, on-site management assistance and other aspects of the goal.

production information interactive terminal

In the next stage, on the basis of the benign operation of the first-phase MES system, Lianqiang Roll will start to push forward the second-phase MES system project. At that time, the functions of tooling design, sound working hour accounting, cost accounting, automatic pouring control, sand treatment control, automatic feeding control, etc. will also be gradually pushed to the ground.

quality inspection interactive terminal

In the future, through the gradual landing of the above digital transformation project, Lianqiang Roll will realize the whole process production control management, the collection, storage and analysis of the whole process quality data, and the visual interconnection of customer needs, forming a complete set of production, management and service data links. At that time, Lianqiang Roll will fully realize "building a high-end green digital new manufacturing benchmark for customers, the future and the world!" The strategic development goal of the enterprise, among the ranks of advanced modern manufacturing industry, leading the development direction of the industry.