"Three Orientions" Tree Benchmark Determines to Create Brand -- Interview with Sun Jianxun, General Manager of Chaoyang Lianqiang Roll Co., Ltd.



On the occasion of the seventh Chinese Brand Day on May 10, 2023 and World Environment Day on June 5, Chaoyang Lianqiang Roll Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chaoyang Lianqiang) once again won the "2023 China Excellent Steel Technology and Service Supplier Brand" and "Green Benchmarking Enterprise in the Steel Industry Chain" respectively. Its high-speed steel roll manufacturing technology has won the "steel industry green good technology" title.
Why did Chaoyang Lianqiang face the great difficulties of retreating from the city (moving from Tangshan to Chaoyang, Liaoning), and the flag did not fall? With this question, the reporter went to Chaoyang to interview Sun Jianxun, the general manager of Chaoyang Lianqiang.
sun jianxun spoke with fervor and fervor. He believes that brand is the common pursuit of producers and users. Giving full play to the leading role of the brand and promoting the upgrading of the supply structure and demand structure are conducive to stimulating the innovation and creativity of enterprises, promoting the rational allocation of production factors, improving product quality, promoting the honesty and trustworthiness of enterprises, strengthening the environmental protection and resource conservation of enterprises, and achieving more harmonious, fairer and more sustainable development.

Structural transformation is clear-cut 

When talking about the specific concepts and measures to create a brand in roll production, Sun Jianxun said: The domestic steel industry must reduce production capacity by 20% to 30% in the short term is the general trend and unstoppable. For the roll industry, compressed steel production is equivalent to a corresponding reduction in roll market demand. But this year Chaoyang Lianqiang's overall production and operation is not affected by the market. The reason is that Chaoyang Lianqiang has carried out strategic relocation in the past three years and has taken the initiative to reduce production. Judging from the overall operating data of Chaoyang Lianqiang in 2022, both orders, output, sales, as well as payment collection and benefits, have maintained a growth rate of more than 30%.
Sun Jianxun returned to Chaoyang Lianqiang from Delong roller for nearly two years, and his first job was to transform the enterprise.
 The first transformation is the structural transformation of roll products.This is the transformation with the adjustment of the steel structure. The proportion of demand affected by the reduction of real estate and infrastructure projects is declining, while the manufacturing industry is increasing because of the increase in the number of plate and strip materials, and the ratio of plate and strip is increasing. This is bound to affect the change in roll demand. Therefore, Chaoyang Lianqiang judged the hour and sized up the situation, predicted this change, and adjusted the product structure in a timely manner.
The policy of product structure transformation and adjustment proposed by Chaoyang Lianqiang is to make fine bar line roll products, strong plate and strip roll products and large section steel roll products.
Why do you want to make fine bar and wire rod roll products? Although the demand for bar and wire rod is decreasing, the lean camel is larger than the horse. Even if the output of bar and wire rod is compressed in China, its total output will still be higher than that of foreign countries in the future. Even with recompression, demand will remain above 0.2 billion tons per year for a decade. Therefore, as a traditional superior product of Chaoyang Lianqiang, bar and wire rod rolls must be maintained in the same industry position, and the measure to maintain is to be refined. So, how to do fine?
First, with the help of Chaoyang Lianqiang's brand advantage, it has been transformed into the field of special steel bar and wire rod rolls, as well as other roll fields. For example, high-temperature heat-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant steel, pressure-resistant steel, weathering steel and other special steel roll field, in these areas, the domestic demand will be growing.
  The second is to complete the development and production of such steel rolls. In the domestic roll counterparts, there are not many enterprises with product research and development capabilities. Lianqiang Lianqiang can enter and occupy the long-product production field of these special steels by virtue of years of experience in the field of new material design and process development. This is the main connotation of Chaoyang Lianqiang's fine bar roll.
Strengthening the strip roll is another core strategy to strengthen the Chaoyang Lianqiang brand. Starting from 2022, Chaoyang Lianqiang produces more than 30% of the total contract volume. This performance is the result of Lianqiang's focus on the development of strip rolls two years ago. The proportion of strip rolls in the company will gradually increase in the later period.
The core technology of plate and strip roll developed by Chaoyang Lianqiang can be used for the production of plate and strip roll products from 950mm to 1450mm. Chaoyang Lianqiang has gathered a group of outstanding engineers in the field of plate and roll technology in the industry. These people have many years of experience in first-line production and research and development, and understand the technological development trend and key production technologies of the world's plate and strip rolls, which have played a great role in strengthening the brand of Chaoyang Lianqiang rolls.
The large-scale steel roll is based on the industry-level electric furnace of 30 tons and 15 tons newly added by Chaoyang Lianqiang. The large-scale equipment has now entered the commissioning stage. These electric furnaces are actively prepared for the production of steel roll products. Chaoyang Lianqiang observed that the construction standards for Chinese architectural steel have been introduced. As building steel can improve the utilization rate of the effective area of the building, and can save energy and resources, so the proportion of the utilization rate of steel in the construction industry will be significantly increased.
Because of this policy change, it provides support for Chaoyang Lianqiang to enter the steel roll market. The steel roll is a big consumable in the manufacturing industry. In the industry to make large steel roll products is the third direction of Chaoyang Lianqiang's entire product adjustment.
 The second transformation is the transformation of the customer structure.Chaoyang Lianqiang is a brand enterprise with a history of 40 years. According to statistics, since the establishment of the factory, the company has provided 350000 high-end rolls with more than 300,000 tons to domestic and foreign customers. World Steel has 0.7 billion tons of steel rolled with Lianqiang rolls. Lianqiang roller is a registered trademark in China and has a high reputation in the domestic and foreign steel industry.
In order to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of the company, Chaoyang Lianqiang has decided to classify users. For high-end customers with development potential, advanced technology, unique products and good reputation in domestic and foreign iron and steel enterprises, it is necessary to more actively develop good cooperative relations; for those dishonest customers who are not standardized in management, lack of competitiveness and do not pay attention to market rules, resolutely terminate cooperation. Such an adjustment is of practical significance to enhance the brand image of Lianqiang roller and lead the development direction of the industry.
Chaoyang Lianqiang plans to make the enterprise's product structure and customer structure present a new look through two or three years of adjustment. For the national roll counterparts, something to do, something not to do, just the right time.

Brand building to overcome difficulties

Sun Jianxun believes that Chaoyang Lianqiang's future work will focus on brand building.

He said that building a brand is first of all to maintain brand dignity. In the past, it was not considered cost-effective, but only the lowest price, which became a stubborn disease hindering the development of the steel industry and the roller industry. It is difficult to build a brand in an environment of low-cost bid, and we must increase our efforts to overcome the difficulties.

Sun Jianxun believes that only the steel industry that can choose suppliers by brand from both concept and practice can be called a far-sighted and mature industry. At present, there are not many domestic enterprises that can do this. Low price bidding mechanism is harmful to good roll production enterprises and good brands. If the roll industry fails, who will serve the rolling enterprises?
To sum up, some low-end customers who are not suitable for the development needs of Chaoyang Lianqiang will be resolutely abandoned with dignity.
The second is to protect the rights of the brand. When it comes to rights protection, it is aimed at some phenomena of illegal infringement of Lianqiang brand.
Chaoyang Lianqiang was founded in the early 1970 s, formerly known as a cooperative enterprise between the General Iron and Steel Research Institute and Fengnan County. At present, it has a history of producing small and medium-sized centrifugal rolls for more than 40 years. With the hard work of several generations of Lianqiang people, Lianqiang rolls have very mature centrifugal roll production technology in the industry. With the blessing of many advanced technological inventions and practical new technologies such as Lianqiang's centrifugal composite high-speed steel roll technology, lianqiang has maintained the first market share of China's small and medium-sized centrifugal rolls for 30 consecutive years, and has maintained the first export volume of China's small and medium-sized centrifugal rolls for 25 consecutive years. Therefore, Lianqiang brand enjoys a high reputation in the roll industry and is a famous product in the industry. In the current market, only two surviving companies belong to the "Lianqiang Roll" brand enterprises. One is the former Tangshan Lianqiang Metallurgical Roll Co., Ltd., and the other is Chaoyang Lianqiang Roll Co., Ltd.
Precisely because Lianqiang brand has a good influence in the industry, during the strategic relocation of Lianqiang roll from Tangshan to Chaoyang construction, some roll peers in the society developed a speculative psychology, adding "Lianqiang" brand name to the enterprise brand name, using the influence of Lianqiang brand to seek personal gain, misleading customers to pay for fake and inferior products, and some steel mills suffered losses as a result. This illegal behavior has also caused great damage to the credibility and reputation of the real Lianqiang brand. This kind of enterprise disturbs the order of the industry, destroys the market environment, violates laws and regulations, and has a bad influence in the industry and society. Of course, such enterprises will eventually be severely punished by the law. Chaoyang Lianqiang is initiating legal means to deal with these enterprises by using trademark law, anti-unfair competition law, and domestic registration regulations. If such enterprises continue to infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of Chaoyang Lianqiang, Chaoyang Lianqiang will use legal means to safeguard the dignity of Lianqiang brand and its enterprises.
A strong country, a strong enterprise, and a strong brand must not only have the ability to bring benefits to others, but also the ability to crack down on illegal infringements and infringers and recover losses. Chaoyang Lianqiang will maintain the brand through the above measures and build a brand building platform.

Five fixed, three changes, two awards, four promotion add vitality

Sun Jianxun believes that the core measure of brand building is continuous transformation and upgrading, including technology upgrading, management upgrading and operation mode upgrading.
The "three orientations" of the enterprise development goal of "building a high-end green digital new manufacturing benchmark for customers, the future and the world" put forward by Chaoyang Lianqiang are one direction of our brand building, that is, building brands for customers, building brands for the future, and building brands for the world. The theoretical basis for proposing this strategic goal stems from the fact that traditional roll enterprises are low-efficiency production enterprises. This kind of enterprise will come to an end in the modern technological environment. If it does not reform, this kind of enterprise is doomed to be eliminated by the times.
Now it is not only Chaoyang Lianqiang, but also not only the roll industry, as well as other traditional industries, which have faced great problems in recruiting workers from the society. The reason for the difficulty of recruitment is not only the problem of treatment, but also the problem of working environment. Whether it is the post-90s or the generation born after 00, their requirements for their working environment and their expression of their own needs seem to be the same as those born in the 1970 s, 1960 s and 1950 s. Their educational and psychological needs are quite different from the original. After the transformation of Chaoyang Lianqiang to Liaoning, the Chaoyang area of Liaoning itself is a zone dominated by agriculture, lacking these industrialized professional and technical personnel. After Chaoyang Lianqiang moved here, it encountered great difficulties in recruiting workers, even the recruitment of basic personnel, and the recruitment of professional counterparts was even more difficult. In order to change this difficult situation of recruitment, we must reform and optimize the production mode of enterprises, beautify and optimize the production environment in order to attract talents. It is necessary to adjust the production mode and give new energy to the enterprise through mechanization, automation and data transformation of the current discrete, inefficient and traditional production mode similar to manual production. If this reform is not carried out, the roll industry will gradually die out. Similar industries will gradually shift to Southeast Asia and even Africa. Now in Europe and the United States, the roll industry has been withered, the recession is very serious. This is a trend, and the next thing that needs to decline may be the Chinese roll industry, because it does not conform to the overall status quo of the current social and technological development.
To sum up, the reform of roller enterprises is imminent. One is to use automation technology to reform the casting process. In the roll machining process, the new grafting mode is practiced, the "5324" lean production mode is implemented, and the production and operation of the entire machining process is standardized through a variety of production management modes.
The so-called "5324" refers to five awards, three changes, two awards and four upgrades.
What is "five fixed"? For example, products and workpieces in production are called pieces. Five decisions are piece positioning, piece determination method, piece determination salary, piece determination machine and number determination shift. Specifically, after the roll is produced, which class is fixed. After this product comes out, according to its specifications and materials, it is fixed in which process it flows to which station, which is called part positioning. When roll products come out, according to their materials and specifications, which processing technology is fixed, which is called part determination method; After the roll products come out, in which station and which station the workers work, their wages are fixed, this is called fixed salary. Which machine tool is used to process the product is fixed, which is called piece fixing machine; After the roll product is produced from the casting process, the route of the blank is very clear in the machining process, which is called the number and shift.
Why should we carry out this kind of professional and refined management? Because there were many small rolls in Chaoyang Lianqiang in the early stage, workers sometimes found a roll and couldn't find it for half an hour or even two hours. The implementation of the above-mentioned "five fixed" rule, workers to find a roll in less than 30 seconds to find.
What is meant by "three changes"? It is the tracking improvement of processing technology, the improvement of sample drawing management, and the improvement of the efficiency of accessories and processing equipment. "Three changes" is the grafting of continuous improvement content, that is, the process should be changed, and the equipment and equipment should be changed. Originally, it was necessary to look for a drawing, and the management was not standardized. Now the workers in the workshop use tablet computers, and they can find it by opening the folder.
What is "two awards"? It is to establish a reward system in the branch factory. First, set the individual award for the month's output; second, the outstanding workers of the month should be awarded the Outstanding Progress Award. The two rewards have been set up for a long time and have to be implemented every month.
What is meant by "four promotions"? This is aimed at the promotion of workers' level, namely benchmarking promotion, internal communication promotion, training promotion and competition promotion. In the staff to carry out large-scale competition activities, through the activities so that workers continue to improve the level of processing. This 5324 management model, which promotes the growth of machining, has increased the production efficiency of enterprises by 30%. For example, the enterprise used to implement a 26-day production system, with 100 people working two shifts 30 days a month and only producing 1000 tons of rolls. At present, 72 people can produce 1010 tons of rolls in 26 days, 30 people less and 4 days less. The output is higher than the former. Now Chaoyang Lianqiang introduces MES manufacturing execution system, solidifies the "5324" production mode, and realizes the real-time and transparency of data statistics. After the MES operation of the enterprise, every product connected, which process it is in, how many working hours it consumes, how many tools it uses, and how much wages the workers should pay, will be found out anytime and anywhere.
In the future, through the terminal system query, any one roll in which process, through scanning code can immediately know. The purpose of the configuration of Chaoyang Lianqiang's MES system is to strengthen Lianqiang's position in the industry and transform this discrete production into efficient modern production through the use of new technologies and data control and management methods. With the continuous optimization and improvement in future use, Chaoyang Lianqiang will be able to set a new benchmark in the roll industry. Although there is not a roll enterprise at home and abroad to establish this system, Chaoyang Lianqiang has a mature program began to implement.
Sun Jianxun pointed out that a good brand must bring value to customers, but also to themselves and to the outside world, including society, including users, including suppliers, including peers, including social beneficiaries. A good brand cannot be applauded without bringing value to others. Sun Jianxun firmly believes that through their reform, they will bring a new development direction and mode to the roll industry, keep the traditional roll industry in China, keep the roll manufacturing industry prosperous, and transform and integrate the roll industry into a high-end industry through upgrading, which can attract outstanding talents to join the industry and make the roll industry prosperous again.