Lianqiang Roller was invited to participate in the 2023 national tour recruitment activities of large and medium-sized cities in Chaoyang [job in Chaoyang has a future]



[Three years of hard work and three years of hard work to achieve new breakthroughs in revitalization]]

"If you work in Chaoyang, you have a future"

Chaoyang City 2023 National Large and Medium-sized Cities Tour Recruitment Activities

Recently, Chaoyang City organized key enterprises to recruit talents from Northeastern University and Shenyang University of Technology. Among them, Lianqiang Roller, as an invited key enterprise, and 34 other key enterprises jointly opened the prelude to the 2023 national large and medium-sized city recruitment tour in Chaoyang City. Add new impetus to sustainable economic development.



News Source: Chaoyang Radio and Television Media