Administrative Clerk



Responsible for daily work report arrangement and summary, document production, data entry management, data statistics and other capital management work.



1, responsible for the daily work report collation and summary, document production, data entry management, data statistics and other management work.


2. Be responsible for handling the project system failure work order, daily docking site personnel failure scheduling, sorting out and reporting the system failure report, project-related engineering documents and information coordination work;


3. Follow up the dispatch of system failures, the work of receiving orders and receipts, the arrangement of construction materials, the submission of materials for review, and the arrangement and submission of project progress during the implementation of the project.


4. Make Excel forms and enter data. Handle engineering documents related to the project, as well as information coordination work.


5, obey the distribution arrangement, assist and complete other daily affairs of the company assigned by the leaders.




1. Secondary specialized school degree or above, at least one year relevant working experience, familiar with OFFICE software (word and excel) and office automation equipment;


2. Be proactive, patient, rigorous, conscientious and responsible, have team consciousness and high sense of responsibility, have a strong sense of collective honor and execution;


3, have good communication and expression ability, have strong logical thinking ability;


4, obey the distribution arrangement, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a certain ability to resist pressure;

5. Working experience in customer of operators in communication industry is preferred

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