[Reprint] When Shan Yi went to Chaoyang County for research, he stressed that he insisted on green development, strengthened scientific and technological innovation, extended chain, supplemented chain and strengthened chain, and strived to achieve new breakthroughs in comprehensive revitalization.



On April 17, Shan Yi, secretary of the municipal party committee, went to Chaoyang County for research. He emphasized that it is necessary to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the National Two Sessions, in accordance with the three-year action deployment requirements for the revitalization of the provincial and municipal party committees, adhere to green development, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, extend the chain and strengthen the chain, and unswervingly promote high Quality development, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in revitalization. Municipal Standing Committee, Municipal Party Secretary Wang Likun attended.

"How is the project going?" "How about the introduction of upstream and downstream enterprises?" "What are the advantages and characteristics of the production process?" "What difficulties need to be solved?" in Chaoyang Liucheng Economic Development Zone, Shan Yi came to Liaoning Huaxiang New Materials Co., Ltd. and Chaoyang Lianqiang Roll Co., Ltd. successively to enter the workshop, watch production, listen to the introduction, ask about the prospect, and understand the project construction, technological process, scientific and technological innovation, product application, etc. Seeing that new materials, new processes, and new technologies have been fully reflected in the company's production line, Shan Yi urged Chaoyang County and the person in charge of the company to be complete, accurate, and implement the new development concept, relying on the characteristic theme park of Chaoyang County's non-ferrous metal new materials, and continue to maintain "One county, one industry" Good development trend, accelerate the pace of business investment and industrial chain investment, and make every effort to introduce upstream and downstream enterprises, we will make every effort to build a new pattern of characteristic industry development dominated by new non-ferrous metal materials, clean energy, and machinery and equipment manufacturing. It is necessary to adhere to ecological priority and green development, strictly do a good job in sewage treatment, standard discharge and other work, and realize the organic unity of ecological, social and economic benefits. We should adhere to scientific and technological innovation and digital empowerment, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise development and market competitiveness. It is necessary to tighten the string of safe production at all times, strictly implement various measures for safe production, and go all out to ensure safety and promote production. We should continue to optimize the business environment, promise to keep promises, strengthen services, help enterprises bail out, and constantly improve the sense of gain and satisfaction of enterprises.

News source: Chaoyang release