[Concentrate on Win in the Future and Work Together to Create Brilliance] 2022 Summary Recognition and 2023 Mobilization Conference



On February 7, 2023, the 2022 summary commendation and 2023 mobilization meeting of lianqiang roll [unite to win the future and work together to create brilliance] was held in lianqiang roll conference room. sun jianxun, general manager of lianqiang roll, Wang limin, deputy general manager of production and operation, Li huaquan, deputy general manager of production and security, Zhao libo, deputy general manager of finance, cai xiuying and 80 employee representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liu Zongqin, deputy general manager of Lianqiang Roll Company.



Work Summary and 2023 Work Mobilization in 01.2022-2012


On the first agenda of the conference, General Manager Comrade Sun Jianxun will make a summary of the 2022 work of Lianqiang Roller and a 2023 work mobilization speech. General Manager Sun Jianxun will first extend his cordial greetings and high respect to all Lianqiang people who have worked hard for a year in their respective posts!

Subsequently, General Manager Sun Jianxun made a detailed report and summary to the leaders and staff representatives attending the meeting in view of the completion of the company's production and operation targets in 2022, the development of key work in 2022, the achievements and shortcomings at this stage, and the key work arrangements in 2023:

In 2022, due to the downturn of the world economy, the intensification of future uncertainty, the surfacing of competition among the world's political giants, the war between Russia and Ukraine, the new crown epidemic and other factors, the world economy and China's economy have fallen into a state of change rarely seen in history, and the overall situation of the steel industry has become more severe. Lianqiang, as its supplier, has been impacted unprecedentedly. Although there are many difficulties in production and operation, through the unremitting efforts of all Lianqiang people, many production and operation indicators of Lianqiang roll far exceed the same period, the established key tasks have been carried out smoothly, the annual production and operation tasks have been successfully completed, and relatively ideal results have been achieved. Although there are some deficiencies in some work at this stage, the company believes that through the unremitting efforts of all Lianqiang people, the future Lianqiang will definitely get better and better!

Finally, General Manager Sun Jianxun said that 2023 is a year for the in-depth implementation of the spirit of the Party's 20th National Congress, a key year for the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the beginning of the three-year plan for the revitalization of Liaoning Province. It is also an important year for Lianqiang Company to seek in-depth development, promote model innovation and reshape new glory. All our cadres and employees must unite closely around the company's leadership team, overcome the impact of the continuous market downturn, and implement the company's annual production and operation budget in accordance with the mid-term layout requirements of "leading ahead of strategy, strengthening internal management, and continuous digital upgrading of equipment and management". Target-oriented, market-led, innovation as a means, and upgrade as a path, make new breakthroughs in the five core tasks of "improving production, stabilizing quality, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and upgrading", and continue to push the goal of "building a high-end green digital new manufacturing benchmark for customers, the future, and the world" New height!



General Manager Sun Jianxun's passionate mobilization speech made everyone excited, and fierce applause broke out in the venue, which lasted for a long time.



02 Recognition of Advanced

      In 2022, all the cadres and employees of our company worked together to meet the challenges and achieved certain results, from which a group of units and individuals with outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions emerged. They are conscientious and dedicated, they are determined to innovate, they are eager to be the first, they devote themselves to technological innovation, and they actively make suggestions and suggestions. They have made outstanding achievements in production and operation and enterprise management, and some outstanding collectives and individuals have emerged. They have made a positive contribution to the development of the company.

In order to commend the advanced and encourage the fighting spirit, the company decided to commend the selected advanced units and individuals. A total of 2 advanced collectives such as processing branch factories were selected. There are 4 advanced departments and teams such as logistics department. Wang Xiaozhong and other 8 model workers; Hou Wei and other advanced workers 24; Four first prizes for technological innovation.

Vice President Wang Limin Announces "Decision to Commending 2022 Advanced Collectives, Advanced Individuals and Technological Innovation"



Vice President Li Huaquan read out "2022 Advanced Units, Advanced Individuals and Technological Innovation Award List"

 Representatives of the commended advanced collectives, advanced teams (departments), first prizes for technological innovation and model workers came to the stage one by one, and the company leaders presented awards to the commended personnel.



General Manager Sun Jianxun presented awards to representatives of advanced collectives


Vice President Wang Limin presented awards to representatives of advanced teams (departments)


Vice President Zhao Libo presented awards to representatives of the first prize for technological innovation.


Vice President Cai Xiuying presented awards to model workers


03. Speech by the award-winning representative

Finally, in the high-spirited speeches of advanced collective representatives, advanced team representatives and model workers, the 2022 summary commendation and 2023 mobilization meeting [concentrating on winning the future and working together to create brilliance] came to a successful conclusion.


Comrade Wang Xiaozhong, the director of the processing branch factory, the representative of the advanced collective, took the stage to give a speech. The topic of his speech was "Unity, Cooperation, and Innovation."


Comrade Li YuWith, the representative of the advanced team and group, the deputy director of the foundry branch, made a speech. The topic of his speech was "Unite as One to Create Brilliance".


Comrade Zheng Fuyang, deputy director of the maintenance group of the Ministry of equipment and information technology, delivered a speech entitled "lead by example and strive for the first."



Difficulties and obstacles are not enough to be feared, so we must break through the barriers and move forward. A new journey has begun. Lianqiang Roll will continue to uphold the corporate vision of "becoming the best roll enterprise in China" and the corporate mission of "achieving employees' dreams and building a century-old Lianqiang", carry forward the spirit of Lianqiang, gather majestic strength, and unswervingly move towards the goal of building a high-end green digital new manufacturing benchmark enterprise facing customers, the future and the world!