Innovation Drives Climbing Against the Trend and Adding Vitality-General Manager Sun Jianxun Talks about the Secrets of Chaoyang Lianqiang's Development



Why can Chaoyang Lianqiang steadily advance in such adversity? What's the secret? Sun Jianxun, the general manager of the company, believes: First of all, it depends on quality to win and the enterprise with sincerity. Chaoyang Lianqiang is committed to customer satisfaction as the eternal pursuit of the company; secondly, relying on the advanced service platform and complete customer service system, it can quickly respond to customer needs at all times to ensure that users are provided with solutions and complete worry-free services throughout the process; Third, the advanced product manufacturing level and perfect sales service make Chaoyang Lianqiang enjoy a high reputation among the industry audience. The company added a total of 13 new customers in the first 10 months of this year, including 3 from abroad and 10 from home.

In recent years, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and other environmental impact, the domestic steel industry tightening, most of the steel companies to limit production, roll market survival space has been severely compressed. However, from January to September this year, with the substantial increase in the production and operation scale of Chaoyang Lianqiang Roll Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chaoyang Lianqiang), the brand influence is gradually recovering, and the customer market continues to expand. The four sales indicators of orders, collection, shipment and sales all increased by more than 200 compared with the same period, and the stock volume and blank volume basically doubled. The company has successively won the honors of "Excellent Brand of Technical Service in China's Iron and Steel Industry" and "Green Benchmarking Enterprise in the Iron and Steel Industry Chain" by China Metallurgical News. Its high-speed steel roll manufacturing technology won the "steel industry green good technology" award. These achievements and honors have laid a solid foundation for the subsequent development of Chaoyang Lianqiang.

Why can Chaoyang Lianqiang steadily advance in such adversity? What's the secret? Sun Jianxun, the general manager of the company, believes: First of all, it depends on quality to win and the enterprise with sincerity. Chaoyang Lianqiang is committed to customer satisfaction as the eternal pursuit of the enterprise; secondly, relying on the advanced service platform and complete customer service system, it can quickly respond to customer needs at all times to ensure that users are provided with better solutions and perfect whole-process worry-free service; thirdly, the advanced product manufacturing level and perfect sales service make Chaoyang Lianqiang enjoy a high reputation among the industry audience. The company added a total of 13 new customers in the first 10 months of this year, including 3 from abroad and 10 from home.

Raising Equipment Technology Level by Leading Advance Strategy

The predecessor of Chaoyang Lianqiang is Tangshan Lianqiang. It is the Fengnan County Roll Factory of the former Iron and Steel Research Institute of the Ministry of Metallurgy. It is also a small and medium-sized centrifugal roll professional manufacturing enterprise with a glorious history of more than 40 years. With the relevant urban planning requirements of Hebei Province and Beijing and other factors, in order to ensure the continuation of Lianqiang brand, Zhang Zheng, chairman of the company, invested and built a factory in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province in June 2019, aiming to improve the equipment level through relocation and construction in different places, so as to realize the sustainable development of enterprises.

New changes also mean new development, new opportunities and new challenges. Under the advanced strategic guidance of Sun Jianxun, general manager of the company, the brand-new Chaoyang Lianqiang is working hard with its innovative business development concept and innovative technology and equipment to create a customer-oriented, future-oriented and world-oriented high-end green digital new manufacturing benchmark enterprise.

Since Chaoyang Lianqiang produced the whole process in November 2021, the casting output and processing output have been temporarily difficult due to factors such as strategic relocation and human resources conditions. However, through the activation of a series of mechanisms and measures such as production process management, performance appraisal, cost appraisal and job competition in Sun Jianxun, the operation management has quickly entered the established track. At the same time, Sun Jianxun pioneered the new production mode of increasing production and efficiency and restored normal operation, so that the production and business performance of the enterprise were steadily improved month by month, and the sales return increased by 203 year-on-year. Its production and operation indicators are far above the level of the same period last year.

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. In terms of equipment upgrading and transformation, Sun Jianxun put forward a four-step upgrading policy, namely, equipment mechanization, equipment automation, manufacturing informatization, and operation digitization. To this end, the company actively introduce all kinds of advanced production equipment. At present, the company has 10 sets of medium frequency induction electric furnace system, 11 horizontal centrifuges, 25 heat treatment electric furnaces and more than 150 processing machines, as well as domestic and international advanced production and processing equipment such as large-scale CNC lathes, CNC grinding machines, CNC milling machines, CNC double-sided milling machines, CNC boring machines and so on. At the same time, all kinds of production equipment are equipped with digital interfaces, which creates a strong prerequisite for the subsequent data transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Thanks to advanced equipment and production technology, Chaoyang Lianqiang's product production range is expanding day by day. At present, it can produce more than 30 categories of roll products including centrifugal casting roll, normal cast iron roll, semi-steel roll, high-speed steel roll, composite cast steel roll, etc. The first phase of the project can produce 20000 tons of centrifugal casting rolls and 5000 tons of normal casting rolls. After the project is completed and effective, the annual output can reach 50000 tons.

Sun Jianxun said that in the future Chaoyang Lianqiang will gradually introduce various digital equipment and management systems according to the digital upgrading plan. In terms of digital upgrading of equipment, the enterprise will soon have projects such as automatic casting machines, mechanization of end cover processes, automatic modeling production lines, and integrated machine tools for numerical control small processes, so as to break the tradition and change the semi-manual operation of roll casting in history. In terms of MES data upgrade, Chaoyang Lianqiang will make production data transmission timely, charted and visualized through the construction of compatible networks including ERP system upgrade, MES system and company-wide data subsystem. In the aspect of QMS digital upgrade, Chaoyang Lianqiang will realize the automatic collection, induction, statistical analysis and report generation of testing data through the digital upgrade of testing equipment.

At the same time, in order to adapt to the operation mode of advanced equipment and digital system, Sun Jianxun and his team started the construction of quality engineering to simultaneously improve the ability of employees to cope with the upgrading of equipment and production mode. In the future, enterprises will make changes to the management work at the following three levels: the upper level will rely on ERP management, the middle level will rely on MES high-end production execution system, and the grass-roots level will realize digital management around PLC, radio frequency tools, hand transmission terminals, digital recording instruments and other station operation equipment with digital acquisition function with information function.

In terms of process technology, Sun Jianxun knows that science and technology is the first driving force for the sustainable development of an enterprise. Enterprises must always maintain innovative R & D capabilities and technical service capabilities, and keep pace with the world's advanced level, so as to form a market demand-oriented, technological R & D As the chain, the production, learning, research and innovation system driven by production innovation, vigorously promote the research and development of roll production technology innovation. Through the establishment of metallurgical roll engineering technology research center, the introduction of experts and the promotion of advanced technology, Chaoyang Lianqiang has gained strong roll research and development and manufacturing capabilities. Among them, the high-speed steel roll developed by the enterprise is domestic, with its superior physical properties and performance, creating a new era of wire bar rolling.


The picture shows Zhang Jian, deputy secretary of the Chaoyang Municipal Party Committee (third from left), accompanied by General Manager Sun Jianxun (second from left), inspecting Chaoyang Lianqiang Roller.


Everbright brand effect firmly occupy the market

Sun Jianxun believes that at present, due to low steel prices and declining benefits, most steel rolling mills, especially rod and wire rod manufacturers, are in a state of meager profit or loss. Many rolling mills are trying to improve the mill operating rate, reduce rolling costs, in order to obtain better benefits. The key to reduce the rolling cost is to improve the quality of the roll and extend the life of the roll, so as to improve the operation rate of the mill and the yield of the rolling material. High-quality high-speed steel rolls with high cost performance and longer life are gradually becoming the preferred rolling mill.

The picture shows Zhang Zheng (middle), chairman of Chaoyang Lianqiang Roll Co., Ltd., accompanied by General Manager Sun Jianxun (right), conducting research in the company's workshop.


The roll is the main component of the rolling mill and an important consumption spare part in the rolling production process. It is not only related to the rolling cost and the operation rate of the mill, but also directly affects the dimensional accuracy of the rolled material and the surface quality of the rolled material. Low-priced low-quality rolls, although can reduce procurement costs, but will reduce the mill operating rate, so that tons of steel rolling costs greatly increased. In the case that other fixed costs cannot be changed, the total cost of rolling will be significantly reduced only by increasing the mill operating rate and increasing production. Enhancing the stability of the dimensional accuracy of the rolled material can directly and effectively increase the efficiency of the enterprise.

The picture shows a modern roll processing machine tool


High-speed steel has strong wear resistance and hardenability, especially high red hardness at high temperature. The roll made of high-speed steel has excellent cost performance and is a sharp tool to improve the operation rate of rolling mill. Chaoyang Lianqiang is an early enterprise that successfully developed high-speed steel rolls in China. Its high-speed steel roll technology was invented as early as 1997, and won the second prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Agriculture and the third prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Hebei Province.

The core of high-speed steel roll manufacturing technology is to use high-speed steel material in the working layer of the roll, and the core is made of ductile iron material or graphite steel material with high strength and good toughness. Through centrifugal composite casting technology, the two materials are combined metallurgically. With the popularization and application of high-speed steel roll, its manufacturing technology is also improving. On the one hand, the casting technology has developed from the initial working layer and the core two-layer centrifugal composite to the three-layer centrifugal composite, and the middle layer is added to the working layer and the core, thus greatly improving the heat treatment yield of the high-speed steel roll; on the other hand, Through the innovation of the heat treatment process of the roll, the performance of the high-speed steel roll is further improved. The new process of producing high-speed steel rolls in Chaoyang Lianqiang adopts spray quenching, precise control of the cooling speed of the rolls, isothermal treatment at a certain temperature, and then tempering again. Even under the same composition conditions, the roll surface hardness can be increased by 3HSD ~ 4HSD, the roll surface hardness can reach 85HSD ~ 88HSD, the roll surface hardness unevenness ≤ 3HSD, and the working layer hardness drop ≤ 2HSD.

Chaoyang Lianqiang R & D of high-speed steel roll users are well-known. For example, in the bar mill is mainly used in the 18mm x 2 slitting, 20mm x 2 slitting, 25mm single-line K2 frame. The set of rolls is equipped with 8 pairs of grooves, the single billet weighs 1.95 tons, the single groove rolling capacity is 2500, the grinding capacity is 2mm ~ 3mm each time, the number of times of use is 20, and the total rolling capacity is 663000 tons.

Generally, the single-groove rolling capacity of needle-shaped bainite ductile iron rolls is 500, each heavy load is 8mm ~ 10mm, the number of times of use is 6, and the total rolling capacity is 46800 tons. However, the amount of single-groove and total rolled steel for high-speed steel rolls developed by Chaoyang Lianqiang is 5 times and 14.1 times that of bainite ball rolls, respectively. Due to the good wear resistance of high-speed steel rolls, small turning amount and high rolling amount of single groove, it can also shorten the roll change time of the rolling mill and improve the operation rate of the rolling mill.

The high-speed steel roll developed by Chaoyang Lianqiang can not only be applied to hot-rolled narrow strip mill, its comprehensive service life is 10.5 times higher than that of high-alloy cast iron roll, but also used in many domestic hot-rolled strip production lines, all of which have achieved good results. With the continuous innovation of the company's high-speed steel roll manufacturing technology, the products are not only used in strip mills, but also widely used in the finished frame, finished front frame, pre-cutting frame, pre-cutting front frame of bar mills, as well as high-speed wire mill pre-finishing mill group, spring flat steel mill finishing mill frame and small section steel mill. When used in bar mills, the amount of single-groove rolling is 3 to 5 times that of needle-like bainite ductile iron rolls.

Sun Jianxun said that with the continuous improvement of high-speed steel roll manufacturing technology and roll quality, it will be widely used in different rolling fields and different rolling passes, so as to realize the upgrading of roll materials in rolling enterprises and reduce the production of rolls made of substituted materials, thus realizing energy conservation and social resource conservation, and contributing to the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutralization for the country.

The picture shows the high-quality finished roll rolled out.


The pursuit of green low-carbon innovation will never rest


Sun Jianxun said that under the guidance of the above-mentioned established goals, Chaoyang Lianqiang has also done the following work in green and low-carbon for more than a year:

One is to make full use of solar energy green energy. All street lamps in the factory area of the enterprise are illuminated by solar energy, and the workers in the workers' home are bathed by solar water heaters.

Second, the company purchased 3.82 million yuan of dust removal equipment, which reduced the emission of casting smoke and purified the environment of the factory.

The third is to invest 643000 yuan to introduce a 770kW fully premixed low nitrogen condensing gas boiler with advanced and high thermal efficiency in Germany for heating office buildings and workers' homes in winter. The workshop uses gas radiant heater for heating, which has high heat radiation efficiency. Compared with the traditional heating method, it saves about 50% of the gas consumption, thus reducing the operating cost and ensuring the winter heating of the company's 35500 square meter production workshop. By purchasing advanced heating equipment, heating in winter can reduce coal burning by 1065 tons every year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, so as to achieve low-carbon green environmental protection.

The picture shows the green benchmark enterprise of steel industry chain in 2022

In addition, the green low-carbon photovoltaic power generation project being planned by Chaoyang Lianqiang is also steadily advancing. It makes full use of the company's existing 35500 square meters of plant roof area and uses photovoltaic power generation, which can provide enterprises with 5.12 million kilowatt-hours of green and low-carbon energy every year.

"Great power heavy equipment, access to the world. Do not forget your initiative mind, go forward bravely. Looking to the future, when the ambition is high, Lianqiang people are willing to do the roller industry leader, bravely climb the peak of the world's roller manufacturing industry, on the road to build a century-old Lianqiang, Chaoyang Lianqiang and the world." Sun Jianxun said.